Powerchair / Wheelchair Football

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Wheelchair football / Soccer Ball made of first-class materials, the diameter is 33 cm/circumference 103cm, weight approximately 1000 grams. Designed for use in matches.

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Our new oversize football / soccerball can be used for Wheelchair / Powerchair football. The surface of the ball is exceptionally smooth to achieve optimum contact between chair and ball to enable great control.

Powerchair football, also known as power soccer, is an indoor team sport for people who use power wheelchairs.

Two teams consisting of four players fight for victory during two halves of 20 minutes. One goalie and three field players fight to score more goals than their opponent while simultaneously keeping the ball out of their own goal.

The sport is played with an oversized football (size 32), and the ball is kicked around with metal footguards attached to the power wheelchairs.

Powerchair football makes heavy demands on the player’s chair control skill, including controlling the speed, acceleration and precision of the chair.

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