IBSA endorsement for our Goalfix Eclipse eyeshades

Goalfix IBSA approved Eclipse eyeshade images

We are very proud to announce that the new Goalfix Eclipse eyeshade has been endorsed by the International Blind Sports Association (IBSA).

The Goalfix Eclipse total blackout eyeshade has a revolutionary, extended nosepiece to give extra protection and ensure fair play for all.

The extended contoured design for the forehead and cheekbones provides greater protection to these vulnerable areas of the face.

A streamlined strap system enables the eyeshade to fit closer to the head.

A softer rubber material makes the eyeshade better fitting and more comfortable than ever. Raised pieces of foam on the inside, around the eye socket, give greater protection and eliminate more light.

We would like to thank IBSA for their knowledge, time and encouragement to develop such a revolutionary eyeshade.

These eyeshades are ideal for both Goalball and Blind Football players.

2 thoughts on “IBSA endorsement for our Goalfix Eclipse eyeshades

  1. Can you tell me what the goal fix for eye shades made from, we were are needing to know so we don’t give them to some one with alerjes

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for your enquiry. The goalfix eyeshades are made from a rubber which complies with all health and safety issues which include being in contact or close proximity to the face, especially the eyes. I hope this helps. Would you like to receive a quote?

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