We invest in research and development and partner with leading sports research organisations to create products that lead the way in safe and fair play:

  • In disability sports, we recently developed a new eyeshade to improve fairness and blackout. We worked with Sheffield Hallam University to improve the design of eyeshades for the partially sighted to ensure fair play for all during blind football matches. Our eyeshades are now being used for the 2017 IBSA Blind Football European Championships.
  • In goalball, Goalball UK commissioned us to make goalball goals for the IBSA Goalball World Championships 2010.
  • The Goalfix Flexiweight was designed to provide a safer anchoring system for goals instead of using the solid block weights that were on the market.
  • We designed clear rebound panels, for use in blind football, to give unrestricted views of all aspects of the game and provide spectators with a more engaging experience. The panels conform to IBSA standards and are designed to be safe, stable and easy to assemble.